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Schools in Huddinge Kommun due to the Corona (COVID-19) outbreak.

hey! i want to knowthat schools are closing due to coronavirus or not?


  • Hello Sehrish,

    As of March 18th, Huddinge municipality has decided that all senior high schools (gymnasie level, for children aged over 16) close from the following day, and introduce distance learning so that students can keep studying. The decision also applies to universities and municipal adult education (Komvux).

    Schools for younger children are not affected, but The Swedish government and the The Public Health Agency of Sweden may make such a decision if necessary.

    Municipalities and school boards have already been given increased decision-making ability to choose how they address the spread of the virus. For example, by moving to online classes or changing the length and timing of the school year, in case the schools for younger children will have to close.

    It may well also be the case that schools and preschools are on the side of caution in refusing to allow a child with any cold or flu symptoms to attend.

    My advice is to stay updated about the Coronavirus on our website. 

    Best regards,
    Jonah Servicecenter

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