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Can the child stay at home from primary school (grundskol) amid Corona outbreak

If we are a bit concerned about Corona outbreak, can our child stay at home from primary school (årskurs 2)? This is because to keep other family members safe. Thank you!


  • Hello Mr,

    Thank your question,

    All children in Sweden must go to compulsory school. This is stipulated in the Swedish Education Act and is called compulsory school attendance.

    The municipal preschools and primary schools in are currently open as usual and we follow the Public Health Authority's (Folkhälsomyndigheten) assessment that healthy students should go to school and preschool.

    However schools and preschools are on the side of caution in refusing to allow a child with any cold or flu symptoms to attend school.

    If you are still concerned about the Corona outbreak, our advice is to stay updated about the Coronavirus on our website. 

    Best regards,
    Jonah Servicecenter

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